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All Rhino Barriers products are manufactured to the highest specification using only the best quality materials in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Our Standard Rhino Barrier retails from $449 ex Whiting,USA. To contact Rhino Barriers, click here. Or telephone +44 (0) 1937 580033. For the Rhino Technical Manual as a pdf, click here (Please be patient downloading this file).

RB1-1000 TL2-350

Foam filled impact strips with fixing kit. Once these are fitted to the Standard Rhino barrier and deployed they conform to BS/EN1317 parts 1 & 2 and are approved for use on the Highways of the UK and Europe upto a speed limit of 50 mph and a working width of W8.

In the USA they are approved for use by the Federal highways for use upto a speed limit of 45mph / 70KPH with again a W8 width as NCHRP 350 TL1 and TL2.

RB1-1000 TL2-350 Specifications

TL350 Impact Strip only
Length: 2.065m / 81"
Height: 0.585m / 23"
Width including bosses: 0.255m / 10"
Weight each strip: 32kg / 70 lbs

Weight complete with correct water amount (227 L / 60 US gal), Standard barrier and pin: 355kg / 783 lbs

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